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21. October 2021

Andrea Woerner-Rudloff
Dipl.-Ing. Architect and Urban Planner


1991 Studies of Architecture, University Stuttgart/Germany.
2001 Studies at Universidad de Chile.
1992-1994 Employed by architectural firms.
1994 Member of Stadtbauatelier Stuttgart.
1995 Scientific associate at Universidad Mayor/Chile.
1996 Scientific associate at Universidad Católica de Chile.
1997-1998 Consultant for Las Condes.
1999-2004 Architect at the External Project Centre, Faculty for Architecure and Urban Planning at Universidad de Chile.
2001-2002 Co-author "Master Plan for Urban Ideas" – Santo Domingo/ Dominican Republic, 2002.
2003 Architect at Cortés, Crovari y Arquitectos Asociados Limitada.
since 2003 Representative Partner of ISA Stadtbauatelier Chile Limitada.

Contact Details

Representative Partner

Planning practice

Research in urban planning in Santiago de Chile, Concépcion, Las Condes und Temuco

Scientific experiences

Participation in various national and international congresses, scientific lecturer, several awards, author of various books and publications