New Town Planning<br>Jiujiang / CHN
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24. July 2024

New Town Planning

Project data

New Town Planning
Client City of Jiujiang
Award 1. place
Region Asia
Typology New Town/District Planning
Art Competition
Planungszeitraum 2005 - 2005
Field size 90 ha
Number of inhabitants 500.000

Urban development Planning and Planning of a New Town

Jiujiang, a trading town, lies on the Yangtze River and is surrounded by mountains, lakes and rivers. Because of the growth of the industry and tourism sector a population growth of about half a million people is expected over the next 20 years. Thus, the objective of the planning is a city extension that refers to the exceptional landscape which is worthy of protection and integrates both cities of Jiuliang and Shahe into one general concept.
In reference to the concept Yin & Yang, both cities are connected by an S-shaped Boulevard, which builds a bridge over the lake and thus consolidates the two, separated by a nature reserve.
In this way, two new centers which open up to the landscape are created. By strengthening the potential of the existing surroundings, each one receives its own identity while at the same time forming part of a superior system. The northern part is shaped by the new business and shopping center with its high density, strict axis and skyline. By contrast, the tourism center in the south is less dense and adapts to the landscape with its urban structure.