Urban Renewal<br>Quanzhou / CHN
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19. May 2024

Urban Renewal

Project data

Urban Renewal
Client Quanzhou Estate ltd. Company
Region Asia
Typology Urban Development and Regional Planning
Art Assignment
Planungszeitraum 2007 - 2007
Field size 43 ha
Occupant density 79 inhabitants/ha
Number of inhabitants 3300
Cooperation partner
  • Urban Planning & Design Institute of Quanzhou; Beijing Ruihehang Architecture office

Urban Renewal of the Cultural Heritage Fashi Village and „Stone Street“

The planning area of the city of Quanzhou is part of the world cultural heritage and bears an important historical and cultural meaning. The traditional buildings and the “Stone Street” are part of the typical witness of the Chinese culture and are protected as an ensemble. Aim of the planning was on the one hand to obtain and to reconstruct the buildings worthy of protection on the other hand to develop a modern building repertoire for investors, that reinterpret the traditional architecture and conserve the historical public space.
This was only possible after a carefully and thorough analysis of the sites and building structures in cooperation with experts for conservation of ancient monuments. The project was accentuated by the province government and shows an innovative way for the carefully handling with the subject of conservation and with the cultural inheritage of China.