Rossneckar Bridge<br>Esslingen / GER
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19. May 2024

Rossneckar Bridge

Creative mission

  • Minimally invasive: Respect for the Park

Project data

Rossneckar Bridge
Client City Council of Esslingen
Award 1. place
Region Europe
Typology Architecture
Art Competition
Planungszeitraum 2009 - 2009
Cooperation partner
  • SBP - Schlaich, Bergermann und Partner, Stuttgart

Pedestrian Bridge over the Rossneckar Canal

For the pedestrian crossing of the Rossneckar canal, an extremely slim and economical steel-monocoque construction was proposed. With its asymmetrical form and construction, the bridge can react to the varying situations at either bank of the canal. At the side of the Ritter Street, the bank will be transformed into to an urban area with a stony character. Here, the bridge is clamped and begins with a strong cross section that is in  line with the commanding feel of this side of the bank. The fixed support makes it possible to reduce the cross section continually, allowing the bridge to rest on delicate as thin plates on the opposite, delicate, bank of the Maille. Furthermore, the structural foundation measures can, for this reason, remain as light as possible. The approximately 28 m long bridge consists of a welded box-section that tapers from the 24 m long main field of about 63 cm to 25 cm, corresponding to a weight loss of 1 / 38-1 / 97. The extreme lightness and compelling usability is achieved through the use of vertical bracing  of the next field of the bridge and through a change of the static system. Due to the dimensions and reduced use of material, the superstructure of the bridge can be prefabricated, transported and inserted in one piece (including the fixtures of the bridge).