Pedestrian Zone<br>Minden / GER
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19. May 2024

Pedestrian Zone

Creative mission

  • The center gutter as a motive

Project data

Pedestrian Zone
Client City of Minden
Region Europe
Typology Public Spaces / Landscape Planning
Art Realization Competition
Planungszeitraum 2011 - 2011
Field size 1,25 ha

Realization Competition - Redesign of the Pedestrian Zone

The aim of this competition was the redesign of the pedestrian zone as an important measure to strengthen the inner city and raising its potentials, particularly the historical and the economic parts. The design should also respond to the peculiarities and specificities of each road and open space, and bring the various sections to their best advantage.

The concept intends a homogenous design and materiality for the main elements, which are differentiated according to the varying spatial characteristics in different sections determined in the analysis. In almost all sections, the centrally located drainage channel is an important design element, which is treated differently, depending on each particular situation. Other special elements are benches, stone seats, decks and steps.

The planning area is divided into three sections: the Obermarktstrasse, the Scharn and the Bäckerstrasse. In the Obermarktstrasse the gutter is placed asymmetrically, thus emphasizing the continuous edge of the urban space. A few special items such as seating blocks, a small fountain and scattered trees complete the situation. In the area of Scharn a spacious esplanade with a water-bound surface is created in the middle. It is framed by benches and traces the historic floor plan.
The Bäckerstrasse is dominated by a center channel as structuring element. It is currently being divided into sections, whose joints are configured as nodes, resulting in a consistant rhythm of the long road, and emphasizing the curvature of the edge of the urban space. Part of the gutter also contains water. Key points are highlighted with a tree and the "Minden water breathers." The entrance is orchestrated by a thin water-level with temporary spray fountains and establishes the reference to the Weser.