Redesign<br>Gymnasiumstrasse<br>Pforzheim / GER
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17. June 2024


Project data

Construction costs 1,2 Mio
Client City of Pforzheim / Germany
Region Europe
Typology Public Spaces / Landscape Planning
Art assignment
Planungszeitraum 2012 - 2014
Cooperation partner
  • Hettler und Partner consulting engineers

The rebuilding upcoming school street is located between the Park Street and Theatre Street in the city of Pforzheim, is about 400 meters long and characterize as inner-city residential street.

By the worn condition of the existing asphalt pavement and the wild Parking, stay in quality and attractiveness is lacking. A middle of the quarter in the form of a residence area, such as a square surface is completely absent.
Today's very linear and monotonous acting street space is reorganized into three areas. The structure is reinforced by the mutual arrangement of trees, each of which forms a green end and viewpoint of the individual road sections.
Here, the central section between Forest and Schiller Street have a special significance, since there are also the most non-residential uses. Also, this section of road has a very urban character by the solid enclosed building structure. In his role as a new district center of this section is continuous, paved as a traffic area on a high level.
In the middle area of this central section is a parking free zone. There you will have the chance to create an area with a high residence value that can be achieved due to its central location in the district of many residents.
The sections west and east of it have a structured road cross section (separation sidewalk and roadway area using circular curb).

The start point to the central traffic area forms a new neighborhood square with lounge and play area at the intersection of Forest and High School Road. The opportunity in this area to develop a new neighborhood square, created by the relocation of the local transformer station. The new site is located at the intersection of various lines of sight of the adjacent streets and activated or the building plot located there also evaluates as Vorbereich on.
A wall with seating elements forms a protected zone and stay hidden at the same time the parking lot of the music dealers. This common area is characterized by a water-bound ceiling.