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Design guidelines for Squares/Town Entries<br>Esslingen / GER
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19. May 2024

Design guidelines for Squares/Town Entries

Creative mission

  • Urban form in need of leadership:
  • Concept plan for the coordination
  • of individual strees and squares

Project data

Design guidelines for Squares/Town Entries
Client City of Esslingen
Region Europe
Typology Design Guidelines
Planungszeitraum 2002 - 2004
Field size 40 ha

With the sanitation of the historical centre as the assigned task; the redesign of numerous squares takes into consideration the historical situation of these places, distinguishing them individually from new points of view. From the aspect of city planning, Esslingen am Neckar emphasizes the challenge in reactivating the social situation -which is provided by square spaces- and to suitably design it. For this design it is especially important not to reform the individual space elements in isolation, but to connect them into the idea of integration and to combine them through a general system of streets, squares and town entries. In this modeling, we refer largely to the formal historical example, which we embellish through modern form conditions of our time.
This guide-planning creates the necessary solid basis separately.