Public Space "Zell"<br>Esslingen / GER
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19. May 2024

Public Space "Zell"

Creative mission

  • Urban Space is Habitat - Design
  • of Streets and Squares for Daily Life

Project data

Public Space "Zell"
Construction costs approx. 40.000 €
Client Parks and Gardens Dept. City of Esslingen
Region Europe
Typology Public Spaces / Landscape Planning
Art Assignment
Planungszeitraum 2008 - 2008
Field size 0,04 ha

Redesign of the "Backhäusle" Square in Zell

In connection with the successful workshop with the inhabitants of Esslingen Zell, the ideas and the details were further developed in the implementation planning. The important factor was the habitation quality of the square: it should retain a rural character and should be a location that invites one to linger through its paving, furniture, benches and greenery. The most outstanding feature on the square is the historical bakery. It gets its “red carpet moment” through its paving which is laid around the bakery in a rectangular fashion. This framing catches the eye. To avoid the unappealing view of the neighboring parking garage, our office in conjunction with the horticultural society designed a vineyard wall that is both blind while functioning simultaneously as a design element. This wall also symbolizes rural character and handcraft.
Other important elements are the rural lime-tree that should bring to mind small, historical village squares; the fountain that once stood on the square and should return again; and the textile roofing that still makes the bakery business possible even the weather is bad. Rural and modern elements create a harmonic square ensemble that is an addition to the bordering the shopping street in Esslingen Zell, the Bachstraße.