Industrial Zone<br>Taiyuan / CHN
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19. May 2024

Industrial Zone

Project data

Industrial Zone
Client City of Taiyuan
Award 1. place
Region Asia
Typology Urban Development and Regional Planning
Art Competition
Planungszeitraum 2006 - 2006
Field size 14.000 ha

Urban Development Planning for the Industrial Zone Taiyuan-North

The industrial city of Taiyuan, situated on the waterside of the Fen River in the middle of Shanxi, is known to be the city with the highest pollutant immission. After an analysis of the landscape and the ecology in the year 2000, Taiyuan established a record as the city with the highest pollution in China. The northern district of the city is considered as the main polluter, because of the numerous industrial areas that were settled in this region. The aim of the planning is to develop a concept which counters the pollution immissions and simultaneously to improve the living quality in the city extensively by production site analysis.
To achieve this aim the heavily pollutant industrial areas are distributed in the peripheral of the city. Thereby, the reprised open spaces are going to be vegetated to improve the climate in the city and be replaced by residential areas and industrial real estate. A green concept is put in the foreground in this planning: the persisting industrial zones will be revalued ecologically and economically. Because of the new urban conception a new city centre on the waterfront will emerge with new residential areas.
Within the production site analysis the existing problems with the infrastructure are improved by a new traffic system. Traffic junction, which causes traffic jam and streets used by the industry will be reduced.
The aim of an ecological plan is to improve the water and soil quality and to preserve the landscape structure and the biodiversity.