Tongying Plaza<br>Peking / CHN
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17. June 2024

Tongying Plaza

Creative mission

  • concave - convex: creating space
  • by building a special place

Project data

Tongying Plaza
Construction costs 60 Mio Yuen
Client City of Beijing
Region Asia
Typology Architecture
Art Competition
Planungszeitraum 2007 - 2007
Field size 1 ha

Residential High Rise Buildings - Tongying Plaza

In the embassy quarter of Beijing, on an estate of 200 m length and 45 m breadth, a high-rise building complex will be developed. The largest and most important component is a Five Star Hotel accompanied by two apartment-hotels and residential buildings.

To gain an airy and bright appearance, despite the required high density, the volumes of the high rise buildings are created through concave curved walls, so that the whole complex appears as if put in oscillation. This concept is carried over into the interior, for example in the foyer of the hotel.