Urban Design<br>Gailanxi Ufer<br>Chongqing / CHN
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19. May 2024

Gailanxi Ufer

Creative mission

  • Between River and Shoreline

Project data

Gailanxi Ufer
Client Planning Office of Chongqing
Region Asia
Typology Urban Development and Regional Planning
Art Competition
Planungszeitraum 2008 - 2008
Field size 247 ha

Urban design of the Gailan river basin and shoreline

The Gailan river basin of the city of Chongqing is situated on the northern side of the Yangzi river and is a strategic and regionally important part of the “four coastal area of the two rivers”. Similarly, the planning area lies at the northern entrance to Chongqing and carries an important significance for the city itself. In the future, a high quality ecological city quarter with large green spaces shall emerge where municipal park and riverbank park meet each other.
After an analysis of important factors such as topography, local vegetation, ecology and the existing water situation, a guiding principle was developed: living and working between seven peaks and one river. A balanced mix of uses was considered - residential and office areas among culture, entertainment and government facilities, as well as tourism.
The elevations in the area, worthy of protection, were kept free, as they are characteristic of the area and give the city an individual identity. The new center is located in the valley where the hills flatten. On the hillside, the government area and the tourism resorts sprawl radially from the center. Residential areas situated on the waterfront or hillside create various space situations. All the buildings are dense and compact in order to create adequate free space between the city quarters, to preserve the unique hillside, and to connect to a high quality ecosystem.