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19. May 2024

IBA Area

Project data

IBA Area
Client IBA Hamburg GmbH
Award 1. place
Region Europe
Typology Architecture
Art Invited Competition for Architects and Engineers
Planungszeitraum 2010 - 2010
Cooperation partner
  • SBP - Schlaich, Bergermann und Partner, Stuttgart

Competition Bridges Wilhelmsburg - IBA Area

The idea of the plan is based on reducing the distraction from the characteristic, natural embankment borders to a minimum. However, the bridges must also remain a part of the landscape, brimming with character and
self-confidence. The idea is to see the bridge itself simply in terms of its use: as a path.

All bridges consist of the same three basic elements: bridge deck area, thrust block, rail. These elements shape the design and also allow for an individual solution in each case; yet emphasized through a shared rail design on all the bridges.
It is proposed that the bridge deck area is have a sharp-edged profile composed of croncrete. The thrust
blocks should be designed  discretely and in such a way so that they don´t  compete with the bridge deck area, leaving the embankment border untouched and allowing for the suggestion that the landscape is „flowing“
beneath the bridges. The rail is formed from a steel base, carrying hairpin shaped poles. On both ends of the bridges, embankment areas of low elevation, the rail is faded out. The rail also differs in colours: the base is a darker grey; the poles have a brighter silver on the outside and a bright yellow on the inside. It is recommended that the rail is lit at regular intervals via LED-lamps mounted on the bridge deck area, and pointing upwards so that the yellow inner surface glows at night.