Eastward Axis<br>Guangzhou / China
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17. June 2024

Eastward Axis

Creative mission

  • U-shaped public space

Project data

Eastward Axis
Award Green Good Award 2020
Region Asia
Typology New Town/District Planning, Public Spaces / Landscape Planning, Sustainable Planning
Planungszeitraum 2018 - 2018
Cooperation partner
  • ISA Beijing

Urban Design-Central District of Guangzhou Eastern Transportation Hub

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

 The Guangzhou Eastern Transportation Hub is located in the “Eastward Axis” of the Guangzhou Urban Space Development Strategy. Per difficult existing conditions, design solutions are looking for the minimum intervention based on “human oriented” and “public spaces oriented” principles. A U-shaped public space (U Belt) zips the south and the north sections together on human’s scale. By constructing a series of pedestrian-friendly hubs, the design enhances the “image” of the Eastern Transportation Hub, making it stronger, clearer and easier to be caught/recognized by the visitors. The U Belt makes a simple and strong solution in a complicated context.